Understand what’s behind brand sales performance and what’s motivating shoppers actual purchasing decisions.

So why is it important to know your shopper?

Understanding the factors which impact decisions made by consumer and shoppers is imperative to formulating the right product, marketing, and retail strategies.

How can IRI help you know your shopper?

IRI Shopper Panel surveys allow businesses to understand the ‘why’ behind the sales trend by surveying actual shoppers, thereby overcoming the universal challenge with shopper research: what shoppers say they do is not always what they do.

These surveys are powered by the industry leading IRI Shopper Panel, linking you to actual buyers of specific brands, products, or retailer shoppers. Through understanding the factors influencing or disrupting shoppers’ behaviour tracked through a purchase panel, both manufacturers and retailers can more confidently adapt their strategies to better address specific needs and influence shopping behaviour.

The ability to identify why shoppers are leaving a category or brand and/or purchasing less can provide insight to change behaviour and adapt marketing strategies to consumers’ and shoppers’ needs and wants.

Equally, identifying why shoppers are choosing one brand or retailer over another can provide important insight to better inform messaging that truly resonates with a target audience.

Through linking what shoppers say they do to their actual purchase behaviour, retailers and manufacturers can better measure the impact of their marketing initiatives.

Consumer and shopper behaviours continue to evolve and be disrupted by the increasing number of factors in today’s marketplace.

In addition to the social, personal, and psychological factors that influence consumer and shoppers’ decisions, shoppers also have an increasing number of product and retail options available to them. The most effective retail and marketing initiatives are those that are informed by an understanding of target shoppers’ needs and motivations.

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